My First Spencer

It’s been awhile since my last post. Life has been going on and not all of it pleasant. But things are getting better and I’ve decided to get back to making a Regency wardrobe. I already, as you know, have my short stay, chemise, and one reticule. Now I’ve added a Spencer. A friend had leftover silk from one of her projects that she gave to me and I was able to take a workshop this past weekend.  The workshop was given by 96 District Fabrics. It was a lot of fun. I still have some finishing to do but I got it done.


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McKinnon’s Dress

I’ve been helping a young lady learn how to sew. She is doing quite well. Her first project was a pair of pajama pants, her second was a sleeping bag for her American Girl doll, and here is her third project. A cute summer dress she can wear.

mckinnon dress

She picked out the wonderful rabbit print fabric and matching bow. Look at that smile. She even put in her first zipper.

mckinnondress bow

We’re on a break right now, so I don’t know what she will want to tackle next.

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Winter Jacket

I bought some purple plaid last year to make a winter jacket. Unfortunately, time passed quickly and I didn’t get it done. I didn’t even have time to cut it out. I found a pattern where I liked the vest pattern but wanted the garment to have sleeves and a collar. So I bashed the pattern to use the vest design and added the sleeves and collar myself. I made the piece out of muslin first to see if it would work out and it did. Here’s my pattern.

winter jacket pattern

I used view C and B. And here is the back of the jacket.

new jacket back

Not bad with matching the plaid, eh? The body will be lined with fleece and flannel backed satin to keep the wind out. The sleeves will just be lined with the flannel backed satin. I have more of it put together, just haven’t taken any pics yet. I’ll do that once I continue to work on the piece. I have been lax with this blog and I plan on rectifying that with more posts.

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Pirate Vest

Oh my gosh! It’s been awhile since my last post. One month into the new year and I finally have a project finished. This, after being sick for over a week. Here it is, my vest. Not the best pic but I’ve finished it.


It’s lined and fitted. Simplicity pattern 4079. I’ll have to another one. There are six in the pattern. I am very proud of myself for sticking it out. Especially when I found out the my local bead lady still had the oh-so-awesome buttons.

IMG_20140119_125932 Now I’m off to a new project for a new month.

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Pirate Vest

I had this pirate fabric for a couple of years now.  At the beginning of the year, I finally washed it and yesterday I finally cut it out.  I will have to post more often to figure this thing out.  I meant to have my fabric swatch first but you can see what I’m up to.



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Red Blouse

Once again, I started a blouse and took two months to add buttonholes (which took five minutes to do) and sew on the buttons (which was another fifteen minutes) and I had a new blouse to wear.  I don’t know what fear or mental block I have with sewing but I hope to remedy that soon.


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Short Stay

I finally finished my short stay.  It fits and I’m ready to make a gown.Image

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